Lawn to Vegetable Garden, 1 Year On…

One year ago, I had a crazy idea to turn the 13,000 sq ft lawn into a vegetable garden. After a little work... One year later and I am feeding my family, canning, pickling, and make chutneys and sauces. I've given food to friends, food baskets to our daughters' school auction, and donations to … [Read more...]

Running Out Of Strangers

When we lived in the city (Portland, OR) we were surrounded by people (593,820 strangers at the last count), and one of the main reasons we moved here is because we enjoy our privacy. Peace, quiet, and space awaited us. But as the poet John Donne noted, No Man Is An Island. One thing I recall … [Read more...]

Gold for the Garden

My dad, Fred, would have loved living out here. Fresh air, lots of space, a big garden with room to grow anything, an infinite number of things to fix or invent, and country smells. As a child I remember that whenever he drove past a freshly-manured field, a pig farm or anything else that "smelled … [Read more...]

What Julia Child Knew About Gardening

Why should you start growing your own food, and how can you get started quickly? In this article I show you how you could be eating your own, home-grown food in less than four weeks, and I also tell how you can get free organic vegetable, herb or fruit seeds for the next month from one of the best … [Read more...]